Our attorneys have extensive experience representing those who suffer devastating second and third degree burn injuries from a variety of causes.  We have represented more than a dozen children and several adults burned in gasoline fires after opening and/or spilling gasoline that was stored in gas cans made without child-resistant or other safety features.  Diane Breneman was the founding member of the American Association for Justice’s product liability section dedicated to gas can litigation.  We have also represented numerous clients who were burned by flammable vapors ignited by gas-fired water heaters.  Diane Breneman also spent six years focusing primarily on natural gas and propane work and is intimately familiar with the industry and its practices.


Our firm represents both physicians and patients against HMOs and PPOs who deny payment to doctors and patients alike.  Breneman Dungan currently represents all physicians in the Kansas City metropolitan area against the cities’ major insurance companies for anti-competitive conduct and computerized billing fraud.  Additionally, we represent physicians in numerous contract actions against HMOs and PPOs and have secured court orders against theses companies forcing them to reinstate physicians after attempting to wrongfully terminate participating provider agreements.  Our law firm routinely reviews and negotiates contracts on behalf of physician practices across the Kansas City metropolitan area. 


Our attorneys have extensive experience in both pharmaceutical and medical device litigation.  Pharmaceutical and medical device litigation is a highly complex and specialized area and an understanding of how the industry functions and how it interacts with the federal government is critical to litigation success.  Our attorneys put their years of experience and understanding gained from representing members of this industry to work now for those who are injured by it.


Breneman Dungan has years of class action experience in cases ranging from bath tubs to tobacco litigation.  The class action arena has recently been revolutionized by federal legislation controlling where and how class actions may be brought.  The attorneys at Breneman Dungan now represent plaintiffs in class action litigation but their experience defending large corporations in class actions provides their clients with an invaluable strategic advantage.


With the aging of our population comes the explosion of an industry that sometimes preys on those who are most vulnerable.  The nursing home industry, although highly regulated, routinely falls short of providing a safe and nurturing environment for our elderly.  If a loved one has suffered at the hands of an irresponsible or abusive nursing home, you need attorneys who understand the nursing home business and have experience representing others who have been harmed.


Property owners are required to take adequate precautions to safeguard persons who come onto their property.  When dangerous conditions or inadequate security are allowed to exist and an individual is injured or assaulted, those who are harmed have the right to hold the property owners responsible.  Breneman Dungan attorneys are experienced in premises liability litigation.


The attorneys at Breneman Dungan have spent significant portions of their careers representing businesses against other business entities in commercial, professional, contract, construction and/or antitrust matters.  Both principals at Breneman Dungan have accounting degrees in addition to their law licenses.  As a result of their business backgrounds, the Breneman Dungan law firm is particularly qualified to represent your commercial interests.  Diane Breneman has also prosecuted matters on behalf of shareholders against officers, directors, accountants and investment bankers.  Her efforts have resulted in recovery of more than 50 million dollars for business owners.


The principals of Breneman Dungan have learned through nearly 40 years of combined experience representing some of the world’s largest, most powerful corporations that where there’s a problem with a product, there’s always a fascinating and valuable story to be discovered.  They understand how corporate decisions are made and more importantly, the ways that corporations try to keep Plaintiffs and their attorneys from learning the truth.  Breneman Dungan will aggressively pursue the truth until it’s found.  It’s the privilege and responsibility of lawyers representing clients harmed by bad products to discover the whole story, whatever it takes.  It requires, skill, patience and tenacity to battle a large, well-financed corporation who will try to hide the truth. 

The attorneys at Breneman Dungan use their extensive prior experiences representing the corporate defendant to now represent individuals who have been injured by large corporations.  They won’t back down in championing the rights of those who have been harmed and holding accountable those who are responsible.  Although the firm’s primary goal is to compensate injured clients, Breneman Dungan’s principals have had the privilege of seeing their efforts and the efforts of their clients result in safer products.