Gas Can Safety

Gas Can Explosion Facts and Dangers

Gas cans were actually safer a hundred years ago than they are today due to the gas can industry’s removal of a safety device called a flame arrester that prevented gas cans from exploding. Today, over 100 children and adults have been killed or catastrophically injured by gas cans lacking flame arresters. Despite the danger they impose on young children and adults, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has never recalled these defective cans because industry lobbyists blame consumers for the violent explosions connected to the can’s dangerous design. In addition, manufacturers have negligently failed to report injuries and deaths associated with cans that they produce by the hundreds-of-thousands each month.

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As a result, these cans are still sitting on store shelves and in consumer’s garages and backyards.

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Gas Can Safety and You

Due to the neglegence of some gas can manufacturers,  hundreds-of-thousands of defective gas cans are being produced each month. As a result, these cans are still sitting on store shelves and in garages and backyards of consumers like you.

Identify unsafe gas cans in your home

Do you own a Red Plastic Gas Can? If so:

♦ Check to see if your gas can has a flame arrester. A flame arrester is a small device that acts simply as a screen to filter out a flame or a spark. Learn how to identify a flame arrester.

♦ Check our list of unsafe gas cans to see your gas can’s manufacturer is listed.

If you don’t see the your gas can’s manufacturer in our list, and you can confirm your gas can does not have a flame arrester, please contact us with the manufaturer’s name and the gas can’s make and model information.

What to do if your gas can does not have a flame arrester

♦ If you find that a flame arrester is not part of your gas can, educate yourself on how to dispose of your gas can is a safe manner.

♦ Dispose of your gas can in accordance with the laws and regulations governing your state or community. Check with your local and state governments for standards and regulations pertaining to disposal of gasonline containers.

♦ Find out what you can do to educate yourself, your family and community about unsafe gas cans in workplaces and homes.

♦ Help spread the word about the dangers of unsafe gas cans and their manufacturers.


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Tell Your Retailers to Stop Selling Dangerous Gas Cans!

The following retailers sell gas cans that do not have flame arresters. Contact them now to request they stop carrying these dangerous gas cans.

Customer Service: 1-800-WALMART
Customer Feedback web page

Customer Care: 1-800-445-6937
Customer Contact web page

Auto Zone
Customer Service and Product Questions: 1-800-288-6966
Product Questions web page, Customer Service web page

Home Depot
Customer Care: 1-800-466-3337
Contact web page